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  • Your own home's website for Desktop Mobile & Tablet
  • Marketing material for print, social media or email
  • Personalised For Sale sign with your own unique web address
  • Create professional floor plans fast and easy
  • Sell your Home for Free
  • Buy Your Home & Sell Your Home Flow Diagrams

Want to sell and buy your home, without estate agents?

Save money and stress?

roofoveryourhead is the peoples’ for sale by owner website, enabling anyone to market and sell their own home. There's no estate agent involvement, commission or fees.

So take charge, control the process and deal directly with other buyers and sellers.



market your home


roofoveryourhead makes it easy for you to sell your home.

Supplying the tools to effectively market and sell your property.

Enabling buyers and sellers to come together. All at a low cost.

find your home


roofoveryourhead gives direct access to homeowners.

Communicate with them, view their property and negotiate with them on your terms.

No middle men, no Chinese whispers and no commission.

save money


roofoveryourhead aims to save buyers and sellers money.

How? Pretty simple, we don't charge commission; percentage or fixed fee. This potentially frees up thousands of pounds - which can go straight into the seller's pocket or lead to a reduction in price. Or possibly both.

support a charity


This is purely optional but roofoveryourhead believe that if you're able to save thousands of pounds in fees, it would be a nice opportunity to give a little back.

So if you're happy saving stress and money, why not make a small donation?


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