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the viewing

OK you love it. Perfect Home, great price, the kids will love it, good pub round the corner... Great but, before you start placing the furniture, become a cold, calculating professional house hunter.

there's no rush - relax

Take your time. You're going to live there day and night for many years to come. So don't just view the property once, do it a number of times, at different times of day, to find out what it's really like. Don't just stick to the property, walk round the surrounding area. Do you want to live their too?

With roofoveryourhead there is no pressure so, during viewings, by all means pay complements to the owners but don't be afraid to and ask difficult questions also.

Note what is good and what is bad. Identify work that needs doing. Reassess it against your search criteria.

contact a solicitor

Remember even if everything seems right, even before you have made an offer it may be prudent to contact a good solicitor and in addition to any mortgage survey, consider employing a surveyor to professionally assess the property.

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