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Building your Website

The photos and words you add will create and define your website, flyers, property brochure and For Sale board, which provide the core of your home's on and offline marketing. As these are likely to be the first point of contact with prospective buyers, getting it right is essential however that doesn't mean you need to be a designer or professional photographer. Don't worry, you provide the basics and RoofOverYourHead does the rest.

Keep things simple. Describe the property with thought and affection, but don't get carried away. Focus on the unique selling points of your property. What's great about it, why do you love it and why did you buy it in the first place. Some information will be statistical, e.g. number of bedrooms or bathrooms, room sizes etc, other can be more subjective or even emotive, e.g. great views.

You can even include comments that may catch a potential buyers eye, e.g. priced to sell, easy commute.

The photos need to show each and every room and highlight the great features of the property. Smart phones and digital cameras allow us to take great photos. If it doesn't look right in the first picture, move the clutter, wait until the sun is out then retake. Make your house stand out amongst the crowd.

Finally, you're in control, if something in your website or other material needs to be changed after it has gone live, don't worry, you can login at any time and edit any part of your website 24hrs a day at no extra cost.

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