Setting the value correctly is fundamental to selling your home.


What is it worth? How much do you want? What will you accept? How long can you wait?

To a certain extent the price determines interest; get it right and they’ll be banging at the door, get it wrong and they may never even get to the door.

price zone

So don’t over price, if you do you won’t generate sufficient interest. Here, clearly one of the great benefits of conducting a private sale is that you’re saving on commission so you may have more room to have a slightly lower cost to attract buyers. That said, don’t under price, people may think there’s something amiss, and you may equally sell yourself short.

steps to take

So how do you get the right price?

  • A good starting point is to look at similar homes for sale or those recently sold in your neighbourhood, use the internet and local newspapers.
  • The land registry is a reliable source of information
  • It is now also simple to review recent sale prices online. Some good websites are, and and of course
  • Finally to get a definitive professional valuation, consider instructing a surveyor. It maybe an additional cost but by using a respected well trained professional will give both you and any potential buyer reassurance that the property is worth what you’re asking for.

It’s down to you, and them. Your home is worth whatever someone will pay for it. Be clued up, aim to maximise your profit but reasonable.

Valuing your home

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