If you want to sell your own home in 2018, with roofoveryourhead.com things are made easy.  We supply you with the tools to effectively market and sell your property.

  • an individual personalised website.
  • two unique web addresses.
  • individual marketing material to print or email.
  • internet and social media marketing.
  • personalised display ‘For Sale’ board.
  • a virtual sales room allowing you to communicate, arrange viewings and negotiate with potential buyers.

Enabling you to manage the whole process from the initial promotion, through ongoing communications and contact, to the negotiations and subsequent agreement. You control it so low hassle and low cost.

So if you want to cut out the middle men, deal directly with buyers, remove pressure and save money then why not sell your own home.

Have we missed anything?

Oh yes the cost. roofoveryourhead is absolutely free. That’s right nothing, zilch, nada. So crack on and save yourself thousands.

sell your home for free in 2018

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