Many years ago, while selling our own home, my wife and I wondered why people couldn’t sell their home privately? It appeared that technology had empowered us in every area of life and we could sell everything online but not our own homes.

So, with a low cost DIY concept in mind, after lots of saving, late nights after work and a very steep tech learning curve, is about to go live.

Soon you will be able to independently buy and sell your own home. What’s more, it’ll be free. People will be able to take control of their sale or purchase, deal directly with each other and save themselves a good chunk of money.

It’s been exciting, stressful and rather tiring but we’re very pleased with the finished site. We hope other people like it and benefit from it.

At times we have felt little crazy to try and offer an alternative to the normal high street or online estate agents but friends and family have been very positive and supportive so a big thanks to them. Anyway with the launch impending, we now get to see if we were bonkers or not.

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The long slog

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